This site includes purchasing of Chromebook Insurance, High School AP/PSAT exams and NYSSMA registration fees, Pre-K FULL Day at BOYLE aftercare, as well as the Extended Day Enrichment program enrollment and sessions. 

Like last year, the Extended Day Enrichment program will be held in each of the elementary schools.  If your child goes to Clinton you will bring them to Clinton for before care and pick them up at Clinton for aftercare.  JFK students will be bussed to their home elementary schools.  For example, if your 6th grade student went to Boyle Road, they will be bussed to Boyle Road.

Please follow these directions for what service/test(s) you may need.

Welcome, After you create an account with your email address and a password you will be on your way to great things here at Comsewogue School District.  

Joining our purchasing options this year all will have the ability to register for exams through the high school (PSAT, AP, CompTIA).   All purchases are paid by credit or debit cards or use PayPal.  You Do Not Have To Have A PayPal account to purchase.  Your money gets deposited into Comsewogue School Districts PayPal account.

Each purchase option will be available in the blue bar at the top. 

Click on 'Annual Enrollment' to get started for the Extended Day Enrichment program.  After your registrations is processed you will be given access to 'Weekly" and 'Monthly" sessions for accounts in good standing.  Further information for the program is listed below. For questions or other information you can email or call 631-474-8263

Click on 'PSAT' to register for the upcoming PSAT test on October 16, 2021.   For questions regarding the exam please contact Laura Murray at 631-474-8185.

Click on 'AP EXAMS' to register for the upcoming exams test by 11/05/2021.   For questions regarding the exams please contact Tim Dornicik at 631-474-8181

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Información de Contacto 

Envié un correo electrónico al programa a o llame al 631-474-8263 para obtener información. 

Plan de reapertura del programa de enriquecimiento de ESBOCES. 

Eastern Suffolk BOCES ha publicado el plan de reapertura de su programa de enriquecimiento.


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Pagos digitales (Core Commerce)

Formularios del Programa de Enriquecimiento de Dia Extendido 2020-2021

Manual de Enriquecimiento de Dia Extendido





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Annual Enrollment

The annual enrollment-registration is mandatory for each family.

Chromebook Insurance

2020-2021 Chromebook Insurance policy per student is required


ALL families will be required to purchase the Annual Enrollment that covers from 8/31/21-8/31/22.  The processing will take a few days to complete so please do not wait to enroll if you need your child(ren) to attend at the start of the year.  There will be necessary documents to be completed for each child attending the Extended Day Enrichment Program.  After the enrollment is completed you will be given access to ALL sessions for the new school year.  Thank you.  The enrollment process can take a few days to process.  If you have unpaid balances, you may experience further delay.  

FOR Enrolled Students to the Extended Day Enrichment program.  


Phone: 1-631-474-8263 

All BOCES forms for medical and emergency can be scanned and emailed to or faxed 631-474-8399 or mail to:

Extended Day Enrichment Program

Norwood Avenue Elementary School

290 Norwood Avenue,

Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776  

The Eastern Suffolk BOCES Extended Day Enrichment Programs annual enrollment for the 2022-22 school year has been posted.   All families must purchase this enrollment before purchasing monthly or weekly program fees.  Please complete the enrollment information carefully.  

It is very important to the program that we have a correct email address that you will use for Extended Day Enrichment.  This will be used for all correspondence to the program and all invoicing and refunding. 

Cancellations and Re-Scheduling

Maintaining an accurate list of students attending the Extended Day Enrichment Program is an important task for our staff, especially in the afternoon session. In order to assist in this, all parents are to use the following procedures when adding a day, cancelling a day or making changes to the dates purchased.

1. For parents purchasing from the “weekly” fee schedule, days must be purchased by the Thursday prior to the beginning of each week.  For those purchasing from the "monthly" fee schedule must do so by the last Thursday of the month prior to the beginning of the new month.  If a session is needed and you were unable to purchase ahead you may add your child by contacting the school and email the program that morning.  The invoice rate is higher for both AM & PM sessions.

2. In the event a child will not be able to attend a session, one parent must call the main office of the school the child attends and then email the Extended Day Program at   This applies to students on the weekly pay schedule as well as students on the monthly payment schedule.

3. For persons who purchase by the weekly rate, 50% of the purchase price will be refunded on days your child cannot attend provided the program is notified. The monthly rate will not be refunded at all.

4. While it is understood that unforeseen events occur and changes are necessary, changes should be kept to a minimum so that schedule change fees are avoided.

Program Prices

  • Daily rates for the AM Sessions are $8.00 per child and PM Sessions are $10.00 per child.
  • The Monthly Payment will be at a 20% discount of the daily rate for a variety of options (see Pricing sheet).  
  • There will be a Late Pick-Up fee at 6:01p.m. of $6.00, and $6 for each 15 minutes therafter.
  • Weekly Schedules will be available for purchase on the website – they change at 10pm on Thursdays.  If a parent needs to add an afternoon session for the coming week after the schedule switch at 10pm on Thursday, it is necessary that the changes process be followed.  The parent must email the program at  and call their child’s school.  This will ensure that the child will be sent to the program after school, and not home.  No advance notice is required for additional morning sessions.  Each addition (morning or afternoon) will result in a higher rate per child per day.
  • When Full Day Programs are available, the cost will be $31.00 per child when purchased in advance on the website, or $41.00 per child if invoiced for the day as an addition.